Rationale: To understand the anatomy of a condor and compare size, students will create a life-size representation of a condor.

Time: 1 Day lesson; Approx. 1 hour teaching time

Aligned Standards: NGSS Practices 5 and 8; CCC 6; DCI LS4.C: adaptation

Materials: 10 pieces of copy paper (8.5" x 11"), tape or glue

Biology C - Foraging Flyers

Print the Paper Airplane or follow the video ->

Making a condor plane

Science can seem a lot like playing sometimes

As a large bird, do you think a condor flies short or long distances?

What do wing size and long travels have to do with the type of food a condor eats?


Why would a condor have an adaption for soaring and not for flapping?

Optional Extend

Can you measure how far your condor flies? If don't have a measuring tape use your condor model from the earlier lesson!

Condor origami

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