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Rationale: To understand the anatomy of a condor and compare size, students will create a life-size representation of a condor.

Time: 1 Day lesson; Approx. 1 hour teaching time

Aligned Standards: NGSS Practices 5 and 8; CCC 6; DCI LS4.C: adaptation

Materials: 10 pieces of copy paper (8.5" x 11"), tape or glue

Biology A - Amazing Anatomy I

Scroll through the pictures of California condors in flight ->

Science often starts with asking questions.

How big is it? How much do they weigh? What does it eat, and where does it live? Do you have other questions? What do you think the answers are?

What evidence do you see to help answer our questions? How could we get more evidence?

There are some videos of condors soaring below too.

Condors in Flight

Make a Magnificent Model

Sizing Up a Condor

Science uses models to answer questions.

Watch the video and build a life size model of the California condor wingspan to use at home! 

All you need is 10 Pieces of Paper!

You might use glue, tape, or staples too.

Want to keep going?

If you want to turn your model into a real condor, use 4 pieces of paper long ways across the middle of the model to show the body! Look at the pictures to help you draw the feathers on a condor on your model! (Don't forget a wing tag!)

Soaring condors

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